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The Brazen Misrepresentation of Hi Def Advertising and Ashley Glen Martin: Part 1

                   Images courtesy of the Lee County Sheriff's Office.
Hi Def Advertising is a predatory direct sales firm specializing in dishonesty, short pay, and unethical conduct. Its owner, Ashley Martin, is hoping to profit from desperate job seekers and deliberately misleads them about the position on offer in order to "get them through the door".

The only job available at Hi Def Advertising is direct sales. A truthful advertisement would read something like "commission only direct sales, on your feet six days a week".  Knowing full well that he wouldn't get much of a response to an ad like that, Ashley decided to stretch the truth in an attempt to attract new employees and pad his pockets.

Below is a typical Hi Def job post taken from a popular career website. Besides the title being aimed at marketing and public relations job seekers, Ashley claims to have positions in advertising, campaign development, and account management. What he's doing is lying through his teeth.

The most interesting part of the advertisement is the keyword section at the bottom of the page. It would appear as though far from being selective, Hi Def recruits just about anyone. Finance, education, nanny, property manager, writer..................the list goes on and on. The only profession I was unable to find was that of astronaut.  A remarkable thought considering that Smart Circle and other Devilcorp parent companies have regularly used the "it's not for everyone" line or in some way managed to imply that the position is best suited for the unyielding and determined.  If it's not for everyone, why do they hire everybody?

                              *IMMEDIATE HIRE* - Entry Level Public Relations & Marketing

Full Time Positions Available!!! US-FL-Fort Myers, N. Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, Port Charlotte 2/22/2014 


HI DEF is one of the LEADING marketing firms providing exceptional service to large corporations in the Fort Myers area. We recently opened up a NEW OFFICE and are looking to fill positions in multiple departments. These positions are ENTRY LEVEL to begin with RAPID advancement OPPORTUNITY: 

Account Management

Marketing Representative

Campaign Development

Junior Advertising Executive

Sales Associate

Whether you are looking to get your foot in the door or already have experience, we are interested in hearing more about how your unique skill set can benefit our company. HI DEF has team members from all walks of life and believe that degrees and experience in marketing as well as other areas can benefit our company. 

Job Requirements

Our clients are all industry leaders thus we are selective about who we bring into our company to represent them. If you have the following qualifications we are interested in meeting with you:


•Outstanding communication skills both verbal & written. 

•Able to prioritize and work independently with minimal supervision. 

•Able to work effectively in a team environment 

•Detail-oriented and the ability to follow up on tasks. 

•Work effectively under pressure and maintain a positive attitude 

•Capable of multi-tasking, prioritizing, and managing time efficiently

To be the best in our industry, we have to have the best people working for us. Providing the right work environment is important to us. We offer a high-energy, supportive team environment where personal achievements are recognized and rewarded. We offer our employees a Guaranteed weekly base pay with bonuses.

TO APPLY: Please cut & paste your resume into the body of the email and send to: [Click Here to Email Your Resume] and visit us on our website to learn more, before all the positions are filled at 

**We apologize, but only those candidates selected by management for an interview will be contacted. 

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Please apply if you have the following experience: entry level, marketing, sales, management, general business, business development, sports, marketing, sales, customer service, advertising, entry level, client relations, opportunity, promotional sales, finance, administrative, human resources, executive, internships, business, training, public relations, sports marketing, account executive, promotions, manager, management, entry level, entertainment, opportunity, growth, clients, advertising sales, customer service, part time, managers, accounting, marketing, clerical, management, human resources, administrative assistant, purchasing, medical, administrative, receptionist, retail, entry level, education, finance, directors, telecommunications, real estate, insurance, data entry, project manager, part time, printing, teacher, banking, analyst, nursing, restaurant, network, public relations, environmental, nurse, designs, quality, safety, secretary, office, assistant, hotel, accountant, vice president, medical assistant, supervisor, general, advertising, writer, social services, office manager, communications, sales manager, admin, mortgage, social work, training, research, payroll, executive assistant, paralegal, courier post, pharmaceutical, health care, executive, food, production, chef, project management, tax, editor, hospitality, pharmaceutical sales, collections, art, buyer, facilities, professional, bartender, travel, logistics, call center, inventory, financial analyst, computers, pharmacist, teaching, counselor, photography, bookkeeper, medical sales, health, trader, business analyst, recruiter, accounts payable, sports, cashier, financial, music, social worker, publishing, project, support, business development, clerk, distribution, secretarial, sales management, nanny, child care, administration, property manager, pharmacy, coordinator, entertainment.

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Image courtesy of the Lee County Sheriff's office.

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Images courtesy of the Lee County Sheriff's Office.
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Please note that Ashley is contracted to Smart Circle International and is just following their recruiting guidelines.  Smart Circle is known for being a deceptive, deceitful, and downright deplorable company…