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Ashley Glen Martin...Undisputed Champion

                                               Images courtesy of the Lee County Sheriff's Office.
Hi Def Advertising is a local direct sales firm specializing in dishonesty, short pay, and unethical conduct.  It's owner, Ashley Martin, has been abusing your friends and family many years.

He is a manager for a company called Smart Circle International and is responsible for running its Ft. Myers Market. The market consists of 8-9 stores (Best buy and Sam's Club) and needs about as many reps to remain viable. You might assume that maintaining a sales force of 8-9 reps would be an easy task but Ashley posts on Craigslist and other job sites with such frequency that you can't help but wonder whether there is something sinister going on.


Sell DIrectv In store (No B2B, No Door 2 Door,No MLM), Sales and Marketing Account Reps Needed, SALES (hourly base pay), Sports Minded Sales Reps- Full Time, First Time Sales & Marketing **Full Training**, In store Sales!! Hourly Pay Available!, 5-7 Full Time Sales Positions, Entry Level Sales and Marketing--Little or no experience required!, Customer Service & Sales experience- Paid training to Management, Retail Sales Account Rep- No Seniority!


Rookie Manager, Entry Level Assistant Management, Rookie Manager (*Paid Training*), Recent College Graduate-a career not entry level, Entry Level Positions With Directv-Management Trainee, Team Management Position- Marketing & Events_Will Train_, Athletes Wanted: Sports Minded Sales/Marketing


Full Paid Training-Customer Service Position, Entry Level Management, Customer Service and Sales Openings, Customer Service and Sales ($400.00-$500.00 weekly), New Division Opening-7 Positions Available-Immediate Hire, Now Hiring!! $400-$500 a week, Customer Service Positions Open-Hiring Entry Level and Experienced Reps, Entry Level Sales /Management, Entry Level Account Rep**Paid Training**, Energetic Sales Reps*Great Atmosphere with Career growth,

All the above mentioned titles have appeared on Craigslist in the past 35 days. That's 26 posts and it doesn't take into account his ads on career sites or other Craigslist categories. He is the undisputed champion of job ads in the Ft. Myers area. 

Please take a moment to consider that fact. Why would anyone need to place all of those ads in just over a month? 

THE JOB SUCKS. It's a turn and burn operation likened to an open sewer repelling the most virtuous and clean.

Regardless of what Ashley writes in his ads or tells you during the interview process, the only job available at Hi Def Advertising is direct sales. Once hired, a new rep has a week or two to turn a profit or be fired and those who sell can expect to be ripped off on a regular basis.

So why would anyone stick with the company?

No one does, it's a revolving door.

In the few years that Ashley has run the Ft. Myers market, he has succeeded in burning hundreds of locals. Ever wonder why you never see the same guys selling Directv at Best Buy and Sam's Club?

Although pages could be written about Ashley and the depths of his depravity, it would be best for interested parties to do their due diligence. With just a brief Internet search you will find hundreds of complaints and testimonials about the cancer which is Smart Circle.

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Image courtesy of the Lee County Sheriff's office.

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Images courtesy of the Lee County Sheriff's Office.
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Images courtesy of the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

Hi Def Advertising is a predatory direct sales firm specializing in dishonesty, short pay, and unethical conduct. Its owner, Ashley Martin, is hoping to profit from desperate job seekers and deliberately misleads them about the position on offer in order to "get them through the door".

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